We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.

STUDIO TIME: By the hour or per song (call us for a quote)


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Polaris has the floor space required to house a 60 piece orchestra, including a rare domed vocal booth, which can also be used to isolate individual instruments.  We also have a selection of rare musical instruments. 

Available for use.


Per song or project

In cases where original mixes from other studios may have failed to meet your expectations, only bring your sessions and master to Polaris, where their sound engineer will remix your project to ultimate satisfaction.


Our highly respected engineers can bring your sound to life.  We offer the best of the best digital and analogue mixing. For outside international mixing all that is required is the internet, we send a link to our Drop Box and transfer the files over a secure server. 


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Producing Jingles/Voice Overs – Whether it’s a pre-written commercial, or a jingle yet to be heard, they house the creative talent to give your message new birth, having it's cry heard loud and and clear across the airwaves.


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